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11206 East Riverside Dr., Bothell, Wa 98011 Phone: (425)205-0286
Fax: (425)486-1904
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Who are we?

We are an Adult Family Home Provider that is focused on improving the quality of life of our residents, with a concentrated effort on Quality Care, friendly resident-focused staff and using one of the most important medicines we know of, humor and laughter!

We used to watch movies like Patch Adams staring Robin
Williams or My life with Michael Keaton and found ourselves asking where is that type of care for individuals?  Is it only in the movies?
"After being a Nursing Home professional / Home Health Nurse
for the last 9 years, I vowed to myself that when I have a chance
to do it, I would make sure our residents are truly taken care of emotionally as well as physically." - Elizabeth Hall

What do we do?

Come visit our Riverfront Adult Family Home 
in the Bothell-Woodinville area for senior / elderly residents who want a better quality of life and top notch health care.

Looking forward to having you become part of our family!

Welcome to Tranquility Home Care